Creations for Mind, Body, and Spirit Harmony.

Endless Knot draws inspiration from the flow, drama, line, and balance of ballet artistry to create each uniquely crafted piece.  An international symbol of eternal life with no beginning and no end, the endless knot, highlights the mission of the Endless Knot Creations.  Gemstones and crystals with healing vibrations create items of aesthetic beauty, harmonious vibration, healing intentions, and areinfused with the joy of beauty in the creative process.

Endless Knot Creations is a beautiful discovery!  The Tree of Life pendants are nothing short of amazing in their detailed perfection …I treasure my amber Mala Prayer Beads.
— Sue M.

Photo credit (above): Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

Marrie E. Hadfield, Artist

Marrie E. Hadfield, a professional classical ballet dancer and teacher for over 30 years, gives her performance experience; her artistic intuition; and her spiritual concept into crafting each piece for Endless Knot Creations.

Marrie has been creative her whole life. While earning her Master of Fine Arts in Classical Ballet Performance, her very first job was in a bead and macramé store in Old Town, San Diego, CA. It is here where she learned the basics in beaded jewelry.

Ballet West, Salt Lake City, UT; Swan Lake, Act II; Photo Credit: Rolf Kay

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