Classic Bookmarks call to those who cherish the hand held traditional book or journal. Harmonize your reading and writing experience with the colors, gemstones, or charms that speak to you.
Classic Charms can be hung anywhere as a spirit reminder or interesting decor item.

May your Classic Bookmarks lead you to the greatest and highest Love and Light.

The Classic Bookmark and Charm

Classic Bookmarks call to those who cherish the hand held traditional book. Perhaps these books are the special ones bound in leather, our loved ones’ favorite poetry collection, a favorite childhood stories, a reference book, or the paperback from the supermarket display that is currently absorbing our leisure time. These books are the ones displayed on your shelf or coffee table,not on your smart device. These are the ones, which you savor. 

Classic Charms are designed to hang where ever you'd like! Beautiful for hanging in a window, a rear-view mirror, a plant or holiday tree, or where ever you need a little inspiration!

Classic bookmarks and charms are made with sterling silver or gold plated 5” shepherd’s hook with gemstones and charms that harmonized with the vibration of the gemstone. Only the finest materials are used. Each piece is crafted by hand with the highest intention for the best for all.

Stone and Symbol Pairing Examples:

Angelite, which connects to the Angelic realm, may be decorated with angel wings.

Mother of Pearl, which signifies faith, clarity and innocence, has various charms attached such as starfish, or the Tree of Life, or leaves, which signify happiness.

Turquoise, considered an effective healer, may be decorated with feathers considered messages from heaven, or the dragonfly, which signifies transformation.

Amethyst, which is considered the highest protective stone, pairs well with the Tree of Life.

Rose Quartz, which symbolizes love and compassion, has hearts and messages of love attached.

If you can't find the combination you are looking for, Classic Bookmarks and Charms can be ordered and customized with the perfect vibration and symbol(s) specific to your intention or gift.

Symbols, Charms, Gems, and Colors

 Endless Knot Creations uses beads with symbolizm to create mala beads, bookmarks and charms.
Each has a special meaning to assist you to connect and allow for flowing energy.

Click and view the PDF below to discover the meanings of commonly used symbols.

Click and view the PDF below to discover the vibrations of Colors and Gemstones.

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